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Olivier Spertini
Lorenzo Alberio
Michel Duchosal

Michel Duchosal,
MD, Professor


Research interests

The group investigates molecular profiles of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease and develop new biochemical targets to treat lymphomas and leukemias. In particular, new cytotoxic antibody to human leukemia have been preclinically tested as well as NAD synthesis inhibitors developed in the context of an international collaboration including the EPFL and Ludwig's institute.

Scientific contributions in 2013

  • Characterized leukemia/lymphoma death mechanisms and potential synergistic therapies of NAD synthesis inhibitors, revealing beclin-independent autophagy as one of the main mechanisms.
  • Evidenced a potent tumoral B cell activity of a novel defucosylated monoclonal antibody.

Laboratory members

Nahimana Aimable PhD Aimable.nahimana@chuv.ch
Breton Caroline PhD Caroline.Breton@chuv.ch
Aubry Dominique Technician Dominique.Aubry@chuv.ch
Béguin Kueen-Moi Lab helper Kuen-Mooi.Beguin@chuv.ch

Selected publications

1: Breton C, Nahimana A, Aubry D, Macoin J, Moretti J, Bertschinger M, Hou S, Duchosal MA, Back J.
    A novel anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody (GBR 401) with high killing activity against B cell malignancies.
J Hematol Oncol 2014;14;7:33
2: Essers MA, Offner S, Blanco-Bose WE, Waibler Z, Kalinke U, Duchosal MA, Trumpp A.
    IFNalpha activates dormant haematopoietic stem cells in vivo.
Nature. 2009;458(7240):904-8.
3: Ginet V, Puyal J, Rummel C, Aubry D, Breton C, Cloux AJ, Majjigapu SR, Sordat B, Vogel P, Bruzzone S, Nencioni A, Duchosal MA, Nahimana A.
    A critical role of autophagy in anti-leukemia/lymphoma effects of APO866, an inhibitor of NAD biosynthesis.
Autophagy 2014;10(4):603-17
4: Nahimana A, Attinger A, Aubry D, Greaney P, Ireson C, Dawson K, Dupuis M, Duchosal MA.
    The NAD biosynthesis inhibitor APO866 has potent antitumor activity against hematologic malignancies.
Blood 2009;113(14):3276-86
5: Nahimana A, Aubry D, Butcher S, Duchosal MA.
    NAD targeting efficiently kills hematological cancer cells.
Blood 2009;113(23):6037-8



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